Human Language Technology



Title: A Dual Compensation-based Text-dependent Speaker Verification Method

Application No. (China) :202010820029.X [14 August 2020] (Patent Filed)

Inventors: Liu Tianchi, Rohan Kumar Das, Maulik Madhavi, Shen Shengmei, Li Haizhou and Ma Yuan


Title: Audio-visual Speaker Recognition with a Cross-modal Discriminative Network

SG Non-Provisional Application No: 10202005845Y [19 June 2020] (Patent Filed)

Inventors: Ruijie Tao, Rohan Kumar Das and Haizhou Li


Title: Feedback-controlled Voice Conversion 

SG Non-Provisional Application No: 10201914101W [31 December 2019]

International Patent Application No: PCT/SG2020/050733 [10 December 2020]

Inventors: Xiaohai Tian, Rohan Kumar Das and Haizhou Li


Title: System and Method for Assessing Quality of A Singing Voice

SG Non-Provisional Application Number: 10201907238Y [September 2019]

International Patent Application No: PCT/SG2020/050457  [05 August 2020] 

Inventors: Chitralekha Gupta, Haizhou Li and Ye Wang