Human Language Technology

Message from the Director

Greetings from Singapore! Welcome to the Human Language Technology (HLT) Lab.

HLT Lab is home to 50 researchers, post-doc fellows, postgraduate students, interns, and visiting scholars. Our people stand out for the commitment to academic excellence, diversity, vibrancy, and creative innovation. Our lab is a place where aspiring people meet real-world research problems in speech and language processing.

HLT Lab benefits from close collaboration with the industry, unique multilingual landscape in Singapore that offers interesting research problems, and inextricable connection to international research community. All these make HLT Lab a great place to study and to work. We are proudly part of the National University of Singapore, a leading global university in Asia. The Lab just organizes IEEE ASRU 2019 and will be the leading host of IEEE ICASSP 2022 in Singapore.

HLT Lab has several immediate openings in 2020, that include Research Engineers, Post-doc Research Fellows, and Senior Research Fellows. Please find the information at Jobs. Thank you for taking your time to know better about us and our work.   

– Professor Haizhou Li, Fellow of IEEE, ISCA

About HLT Lab

The Human Language Technology (HLT) Laboratory is at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore. The Lab establishes itself as the technology leader in Human-centric Artificial Intelligence (H.AI). It is known for its research in automatic speech recognition, speaker and language recognition, speech synthesis and conversion, spoken dialogue, and human-robot interaction. The laboratory undertakes industry projects and solves real-world engineering problems. It also leads major research programs in national initiatives such as Neuromorphic Computing, National Robotics Programme, and AI Singapore. The HLT team received numerous awards that include IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Outstanding TNNLS Paper Award 2016, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine Outstanding Paper Award 2019, APSIPA ASC Best Student Paper 2017 and 2018, ISCA Fellow 2018, and 1st Prize of International Competition for Brain-inspired Computing 2018.



  • HLT-NUS team achieved good results in The Blizzard Challenge 2020. Congratulations to the HLT-NUS (Xiaohai Tian, Xuehao Zhou, Mingyang Zhang, Yi Zhou, Grandee Lee, Rui Liu, Berrak Sisman, Haizhou Li) has ranked 2nd place (8 teams in total) in the Shanghainese Synthesis Task, and the 6th place (16 teams in total) in the Mandarin Synthesis Task. Please visit the link for more details.
  • TOP 5 position in The Voice Conversion Challenge 2020. Congratulations to the HLT-NUS and ASLP-NWPU joint team (Xiaohai Tian, Zhichao Wang, Shan Yang, Xinyong Zhou, Hongqiang Du, Yi Zhou, Mingyang Zhang, Kun Zhou, Berrak Sisman, Lei Xie, Haizhou Li) who participated in Voice Conversion Challenge 2020 has ranked TOP 5 in both Intra-lingual Conversion (31 teams in total) and Cross-lingual Conversion (28 teams in total) tasks. Please visit the link for more details. 
  • HLT team has 15 papers accepted at INTERSPEECH 2020. Please check out the publications page for our newly accepted papers at INTERSPEECH 2020.
  • HLT Lab is pleased to co-organize Voice Conversion Challenge 2020 and a satellite workshop of Interspeech 2020 entitled “Joint Workshop for the Blizzard Challenge and Voice Conversion Challenge 2020” on 30th October 2020. Organizers: Tomoki Toda, Wen-Chin Huang, Junichi Yamagishi, Yi Zhao, Tomi Kinnunen, Zhenhua Ling, Rohan Kumar Das and Xiaohai Tian. Please visit the link for more details.
  • [9 April 2020] HLT Lab is pleased to co-organize a special session challenge on “Far Field Speaker Verification Challenge 2020” for upcoming Interspeech 2020. Organizers: Ming Li, Haizhou Li, Shrikanth Narayanan, Rohan Kumar Das, Wei Rao and Hui Bu. Please visit the link for more details.
  • [4 April 2020] A Long Paper ‘Modeling Code-Switch Languages Using Bilingual Parallel Corpus’ by Grandee Lee and Haizhou Li has been accepted by the 58th annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2020).
  • HLT team has 5 papers accepted at Speaker Odyssey 2020. Please check out the publications page for our newly accepted papers at Speaker Odyssey 2020.
  • HLT team has 6 papers accepted at IEEE ICASSP 2020. Please check out the publications page for our newly accepted papers at ICASSP 2020.
  • HLT Lab is pleased to organize a special session on “The Attacker’s Perspective on Automatic Speaker Verification” for upcoming Interspeech 2020. Organizers: Rohan Kumar Das, Xiaohai Tian, Tomi Kinnunen and Haizhou Li. Please visit the link for more details.