3+1+1 Education Framework

3+1+1 Education Framework

Application for admission to the Masters of Science (Electrical Engineering) Programme under the 3+1+1 NUS-NUSRI-Partner Chinese Universities Educational Framework



  1. This scheme is by invitation only for the 3+1+1 NUS-NUSRI Partner Chinese Universities Education Framework.

  2. There is 1 intake (August) per academic year and for full-time candidature only.

  3. 3+1+1 students have the option to exit from the programme right after the first +1. For those who do not apply to gain ECE MSc admission following the first +1 stage are considered to have left the educational framework.

  4. 3+1+1 students admitted to the ECE Masters of Science Programme at NUS is under “Tuition fee category 1” to pay the full tuition fee (i.e. non-subsidised rate). Please refer to the latest fee structure.

  5. He/she is not allowed to sign the Ministry of Education service obligation. If he/she does so accidentally or intentionally, the service obligation signed will be considered void.

  6. An applicant from non-subsidized Masters of Science Programme from other Departments/Faculties will not be allowed to transfer to the ECE Department and undertake a study under this 3+1+1 educational framework.

  7. By applying for the Master of Science (Electrical Engineering) Programme under the 3+1+1 NUS-NUSRI Partner Chinese Universities Education Framework, the applicant is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the requirements under this framework and the clauses as stated.

  8. An invited applicant will be required to update the 3+1+1 Programme Office, Ms. Wang Jia, at the NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute when he/she complete the online application. Verification of invited applicants will be made between the ECE Department and the 3+1+1 Programme Office.

  9. Financial Resources:
    (a) Candidates planning to undertake our MSc programme must ensure that they have the financial resources to support themselves for their entire programme of study.
    (b) Funds should be set aside for living expenses as well as tuition fees, you may want to refer to the OGP webpage on “Estimated cost of living guide for international students”.

  10. Onus is on a student to arrange for the transfer of credit and/or module (if applicable), from NUSRI back to home University in China, in order to fulfill home University degree graduation requirement and preparation for a full/complete transcript.

  11. Each application is subject to review by the ECE Department and higher offices according to the criteria stipulated by these offices. The decision made by these offices is considered final. No appeals will be considered.

  12. The ECE Department exercises the right to terminate the student’s application/course of study if (2)-(8) are not complied with.



  1. Applicant to make an online submission at the “Graduate Admission System (GDA2)” application portal during the application period (estimate open from mid-January). Applicant to select the following type code:

    Programme type:   



    Faculty of Engineering


    Master of Science (Electrical Engineering) – NUSRI (Suzhou)


    Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Academic Load:

    Full Time


  2. Application for the relevant August intake must be complete and submit by stipulated deadline (estimate mid-February). The application period is as per announced by the NUS Engineering, Office of Graduate Programme (OGP).

  3. Provide accurate details in the GDA2 application system. Some of the required fields such as:

    • Full name - (as printed in your passport)
    • Date of birth
    • Passport number
    • Email address - (required for communication from NUS and notification of release date for application outcome)


  4. Upload the required supporting documents in softcopy format into the GDA2 application system. Softcopy file must be clear and not truncated.

    • Official Identification document
      • Page of Passport bearing name, passport number and particulars
      • Official documentary proof of change in a name such as Deed Poll, if applicable. - (If your name on passport is not identical to the name printed on your degree scroll/certificate and university transcript)


    • English Requirement
      • Either official TOEFL scoresheet (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 85 (internet-based test); OR
      • Official IELTS Academic scoresheet (International English Testing System) with a minimum score of 6.0.
      • Either scoresheet must have a 2-year validity as at application opening date.


    • Academic Qualification (Required at point of application)
      • Official consolidated Bachelor degree transcript issued by home Universities in China, which display results from the 1st to 6th/7th semester. - (All supporting documents submitted in a language other than English MUST be accompanied by an officially translated and certified copy in the English language.)
      • Official page on the back of transcript or official document issued by home Universities in China displaying legend or explanatory note on grading system, overall CAP/CGPA/Average marks.
      • Student status letter from issuing home University (China) on the expected date of completion and date of conferment of Degree.
      • Semester’s result from NUSRI.


  5. There is an application fee (SGD $50) to be paid online before completion/submission of application in the GDA2 application system.

  6. Check that you have provided accurate details before submission as you will not be allowed to make changes after submission.

  7. Submission of physical documents is NOT required at the point of application.

  8. An applicant will be notified by OGP and can expect to check the outcome of their applications by mid-May at the GDA2 system.

  9. Refer to the application guide for M.Sc admission and the step-by-step instructions for GDA2 systems which are administered by the NUS Engineering, Office of Graduate Programme (OGP).


    How to apply


    Step by step applicant guide on using GDA2 system



    NUS Engineering, Office of Graduate Programme (OGP) education/coursework-application/



  1. A successful applicant will receive an offer via email from the NUS Engineering, Office of Graduate Programme (OGP) around the outcome release date.

  2. Applicant accepting the offer is to act on the following:

    • READ and follow the detailed instruction about the student registration exercise in the offer email send by OGP. The procedure for completing the process (both Registration Part I and Part II) is mention in the offer email package.

    • Reminder to prepare for these items to be done by stipulated deadline, as failure to do so will cause delay and/or fail registration process.

      • Upload a recent photo (required size and format) when completing the “reply on offer of admission” at the GDA2 system. This is for the creation of a student card.

      • Applicant to arrange for the original or certified true copy of the consolidated FULL Bachelor Degree Transcript - ( from first to final semester) to be sent DIRECTLY from the issuing home University (China) to “NUS Engineering, Office of Graduate Programme (OGP)” latest by 15 July, enclosed in an OFFICIAL SEALED envelope with its flap bearing the security seal of the University and the signature of the Registrar or representative. - (If the transcript is in Chinese only, it MUST be accompanied by an officially translated and certified copy in the English language too.) This is for proof of authenticity.

    • Undergo a pre-admission medical examination. The university reserves the right to refuse your admission should you decide to decline this process. The medical examination is conducted by our University Health Centre (UHC).



  1. Successful applicant will be required to produce the following ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS in person during the student registration exercise (estimate in end-July, refer to “offer email” for exact detail) for verification purpose during the specified period stipulated by OGP.

    • Passport (for non-Singaporeans)

    • Documentary proof of change in name, if applicable - (if you had your name changed and your name in Passport is not identical to the name printed on your degree scroll / certificate and university transcript.)

    • University Consolidated/full Academic Transcript - Refer to Section (C) 2b (ii) about official sealed transcript.

    • Degree scroll / certificate

    • TOEFL or IELTS score sheet

  2. Applicant will not be able to complete registration as a NUS student if he/she fails to fulfil the above condition at this point of time.



  • To activate the student card via the Education Records System (EduRec) after the registration exercise.

  • Update MAILING address in EduRec that student is staying at in Singapore. - (This is different from residential address e.g. in China)

  • Update local Singapore mobile number in EduRec that student is using in Singapore.

  • Update next of kin particular and contact detail in EduRec in event of an emergency.